23 / Female / Pansexual / Forever Alone
Potato Potahtoes Mr.Nobody
A small ass town – US
Hey there im Ash but most people call me Kit. Music saved my life quite honestly don't know where I'd be with out it. I love doctor who because I'm a nerd lets face it. RAVENCLAW!! I sing, dance, draw, act, well anything artsy really. If you're a nice person we're chill if not f*** off. Like it's chill to be bitchy for a cause but not just to be a bitch. I'm perfectly imperfect and that's okay by me. I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC IT IS THE VERY MANIFESTATION OF EVIL. Glad I got that off my chest. I'm insecure but sometimes i feel adorable. I'm a HUGE flirt so get used to it. I don't love easily and I used to not believe in it but someone I met made me believe. Any thing I'm missing? Ask me ill tell ya what you wanna know

Kik: ashlovesyoulots
Skype: kit.calamity
Twitter: thebandsthtsave
Snapchat: Taylor-ashynn

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Hit me up Kik: ashlovesyoulots Skype:panicforever

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Jax.Forget.Me.Not asked

I don't really know because we haven't talked and I don't usually like rating people on looks because its kind of shallow but you seem like a cool person and we should talk so I could give a educated response but for arguments sake and what I've seen I'd say a solid 8/10 (bare in mind that this is solely on personality)

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: )


Have a wonderful new year! ♥


to be honest youre super adorable and seem like a fun person to talk to:P


follow me on instagram plz? :3


Hey, how are you? You should add me on Facebook and follow me on twitter and instagram if you have them, Always good too meet new people! Xx