19 / Male / Pansexual / Single
Minneapolis – US

but other than that im a pansexual male (androgynous if you want to go into specifics, im a hot piece of ass that would give Bailey Jay a run for her money). I love weaboos, trans girls, irish girls, emos, twinks, sissies, you name it. But I love to play videogames (if you got an xbox one or pokemon XY/ORAS hmu) and go on walks to enjoy nature. I love weed and my favorite liquor is rum (by far). Also nobody can out-meme me, i wil subora bora de shig oud ob u :DDD.

if you wanna reach me during school hours, ill likely be here at or

my tumblr (which is EXTREMELY NSFW ) is and beware, its got some pretty kinky f***ing s***.

I also live in Minneapolis, Minnesota so if you live here too hmu maybe we can chill or something.

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Wonderfvlly asked

Tbh i don't really know you and that should change.
yay c:

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your eyes give me life


ty for the add!!!C: