19 / Female / Straight / Single
Hey there, I am Kim and I really don´t know what to say... I´m just a bit bored.
Maybe some facts about me:
- I love cats <3
- I love all animals, but tigers are my favourite <3
- I hate people xD
- I´m vegetarian
- I'm lazy
- I'm always tired
- I enjoy watching animes every day
- I love Elfenlied <3
- My favourite music is metal and rock
- I love Kellin Quinn
- There are too much bands I like... ETF, TFK, SWS, Dead By April, Asking Alexandria...
- I'm d*** shy

For more infos ask me :3 or not, whatever u like ^-^

Btw I don't know anyone on this website 😅😣

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I just want a strawberry milkshake :<