22 / Male / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
In a box ._. – DE
I'm not really good at these things but umm I'll try (._.)

So...Hai ^~^ I'm Kayden. I'm shy but I'm pretty random and loud once you get to know me c:
I have kik so um message me if you want it 0.o

I have hair and a face and blahblahblah. I'd die without music *~*

My favorite band is Pierce The Veil
annnd I love purple ^~^
I love kitty's and I have no idea about what to talk about so yeah, don't be afriad to message me or anything, I don't bite cx

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With a heart that's bound by ache though it doesn't beat, It breaks.

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so.emo.bro asked

We have everything in common and that I'd be a kitty for you