15 / Female / Polysexual / Single and Looking
Ohio – US
I'm a little awkward when we first start talking but after that I never shut up. I like bands and read WAY too much fanfictions so yeah. Ummmm I love making friends so just talk to me and be like 'hey were friends now's and I will just be like 'kay'. Also I'm a total Harry Potter fangirl so be warned. I also don't have Skype so um oops? I hate starting conversations so I don't. I will probably not answer back very fast if I'm not on cause yeah. Want a relationship but not gonna get one cause I'm too weird. MCR needs to get back together. Now. Immediately. But *sigh* Gerard said they wouldn't so dang. I don't give out my number so don't ask, but I do give out my Snapchat. Just ask me for it. I have insomnia so I'm on at ungodly hours. Also I'm brutally honest amd I hate to sugarcoat things so if I offend you, good. I probably meant to. I have met Dahvie Vanity, Jayy Von Monroe, Neckdeep, Koly Kolgate, Atilla, Pierce The Veil, and saw them all live! Got stuff signed by Dahvie and pictures with him. Going to warped this summer, anyone else? Please just love me. Message me and love me that's all I ask please I just want a friend or something. If I tell you I love you, it's probably just as a friend so don't go thinking anything else. Don't compliment my looks cause whatever you say is probably a lie and I know that. I love to sing and do covers of songs :) but you are probably better than me so yeah, good on ya. If you're a pervert then we should get along just fine. ;)

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Anybody want to chat? I'm extremely bored at the moment.