20 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
In that one city, that's in that one state, that's next to that one other state ;) – US
Hi there, so the name's Kathleen but you can call me Katy or Quinny. I'm a music enthusiast and I'm currently learning to play the piano and inspire to learn the violin. I adore animals like my two Chihuahuas and can be pretty quiet at times. I mostly listen to One Republic and Imagine Dragons but I branch out a bit past that as well. I plan on becoming a fire fighter or police officer all in due time and if I may say so myself, I'm pretty dang good at making the best double chin faces you'll ever see and I surely wouldn't doubt that I can be the most quiet, polite person when ya first get to know me. But hey, maybe get to know me a bit better and I just might talk for hours. Sorry for the long bio, thanks for reading loves... Oh & P.S. please don't sweet talk me if your resulting goal is to get sweet talked or anything else for that matter. Not trying to rude, sryy. :)