22 / Female / Bisexual / Happily Married
taken by me <3 xShadowMonster
roanoke va – US
MY HEARTS TAKEN BY MY JAMIE...My name is Katelyn friends call me Keke Or izzy. I am fascinated my the word f*** and c*** i do not know why I just am.... Lol I love all types of music except country, gospel, classical. My favorite bands are Bring me the horizon, Black veil brides, and Asking alexandria SUICIDE SILENCE, SKS, winds of plague, rise against, abandon all ships, job for a cowboy, texas in july .... I also <3 dubstep...and partys (raver4life) I find people who judge others just by looking at them Dick waffles and thats sums it all up oh and I hate labels so please dont label me LOVE U ok ummm... Bye !!!!

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hahaha some people are such c***s *-*

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Muffinmaneater asked

Hey want to cam
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Yessssss when add me on fb Katelyn Elizabeth Baro

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i love you so much <3


Would be amazing :3


ís the best thing ... I just need someone to share :3