20 / Female / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Hell – NO
The name is Marlene, and I like sleeping, like I'm a professional sleeper -u-

Random stuff I like:
anime, wow, cats, making new friends (so add me), friendly creatures, sloths, comedies, pizza, pugs, SERIES omfg go watch workaholics if you haven't already!

Music I like:
the smiths // slipknot // blood command // neck deep // bts // caliban // korn // nirvana // a day to remember // bigbang // two door cinema club // lady gaga // btob // block b // soul drainer // marina and the diamonds // exo // f(x) // crystal castles // panic! at the disco // shinee // the front bottoms // citizen // the cure // arctic monkeys // twenty one pilots // got7 // modern baseball // b.a.p // minus the bear // the story so far // // real friends // moose blood // satellite stories // ghost b.c // trivium +++

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Sometimes I read peoples statuses on here and think to myself: Daymn, what drugs are these people on? o-o

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Mikara asked

Can i be your friend, i dont have enn
Sure! ^w^

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Hey :3


Thanks for the add![: