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Music City – US
Hello darlins'
I'm Kalico, yes that is my name. No not legally. On the birth certificate it says Kathryn, but very few who call me that live long enough to make it a habit. The dark part aside, I'm not on a whole lot during the school year, I study a lot. But I tend to get on more if there is someone having a very interesting conversation with me. So, the 'wow you're so cute' is appreciated, but not going to interest and conversation with me. Bring a debate to my inbox and everything will be good. I also have Skype but it is very hard to find so send me yours and I'll add you :3 You can't tell from this but I am a fun person, just have some standards. Peace, love, and cats

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feeling flirty

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Drex86 asked

Why don't you ever message me back
because I haven't been on in a long time

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Heya thankyou fer accepting my friend request C:


miss yea :)


: )