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Oh. Hey! I'm Kaelin.

I'm basically this depressed, oddball of a person with no talent. I love animals, especially my cat, Zombie. I livestream on youtube (kaewulfgaming). I also broadcast on Younow under the name Kaewulf. Other hobbies I like to do include drawing, writing, reading, and basically listen to music 24/7. I listen to any song I feel relating to my life,but mainly hardcore,(pop)punk rock, Deathcore and Metal. I also play piano, I'm learning the piano duet from Corpes Bride, I won't say i'm any good; that's up to you to decide if you ever hear me. If you really want to get to know me txt my kik (kaewolf) or msg me on here. I reply faster on kik. Yes, every picture you see on this profile is me; they all come from my instgram (kaewulf). Feel free to comment on stuff or send a message if you need some one to vent to; I've been told I'm a good listener and advise giver.

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Havent been on in almost a year. Heck. Cx

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SteveBuscemis.Foreskin asked

We have the same color hair at the moment. Nice o:
oh right on. :3