19 / Female / Bisexual / Single
is an awkward potato with Lost.In.Stereo
Do people actually read these? – US
I'm a Wiccan, a Virgo, a stoner, a princess, and a little <3

Things I Like:
~Gengan Ranpa
~Soul Eater
~Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun
~Death Parade
~Hunter x Hunter
~Rosario + Vampire
~Kotoura San
~High School D x D

~Black Veil Brides
~Ghost Town
~Motley Crue
~Mayday Parade
~Secondhand Serenade
~In This Moment
~The Pretty Reckless
~Green Day
~Three Days Grace
~Papa Roach


-Energy Drinks
~Rock Star


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When you have a whole weekend of building up your self esteem only for people to break it back down each time

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Mistah.J  asked

Happy Birthday Beautiful <3
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Awe, I havent been on this in a long time so longing on and seeing that was nice. Thank you<3

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