19 / Female / Straight / In Love
My name is Alannah 🙃
Alannah=Aquarius, conspiracies, aliens, and dank memes

Wanna be a clinical psychologist when I graduate but I also wanna sit at home watching Netflix eating Rice Krispies so I mean


I don't always drink but when I do it's bleach

Robert better not get in my face
Cause I'll drop that motherf***er

Y'all. I don't have skype. No I won't download it. Yes I have kik but never get on it. It's not even downloaded. Please stop asking lool it makes me wanna slam my head into bricks k thx

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Self medication

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As in like, your other planetary positions! I'd assume you're a sun Aquarius, but you also have a sign for where all the other planets, including pluto and the moon were in the zodiac at the time of your birth, making up different aspects of your personality!


Aww, you're really pretty! Do you know your other signs?