18 / Female / Single
will forever love horses with AlyJadeLove
California – US
I'm Jenna
I'm hella rad tbh
I ride horses and stuff
gingers are my weakness so if you have red hair and freckles i might want to do you o O p s
Add me you twat
oh yeah and btw i'm straight edge and Christian whoop whoop

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get out of my school

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IAmLiterallyBatman asked

Walk into the club like "What up I have social anxiety and I want to go home"
I seriously just posted that onto my facebook the other day lol xD

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*sends food throgh mail* THE FOOD SHALL BE THERE IN 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS


I hope I'm one of those whopping two friends.


i cant remember if i said this or not but in ur profile pic you look exactly like my one friend


Thank you very much. I was going to say the same about you! :)