101 / Female / Techsexual / Forever Alone
Your mum's basement ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) – CA

Hey, I'm Cherry or Cheerios, or whatever you want to call me.
bisexual, I'm the older half of the Special Plebs. I'm down to talk to anyone, just know I'm very opinionated. I'm gonna let the other human talk about herself so... Byeeeeeeeee! ^ - ^

Hey! Thanks for stumbling across our profile, I'm going to tell you about myself now... Sorry, I'm bad at socializing.
-I am of the human species
-I am the younger half of the Special Plebs (Don't ask about the name)
-I'm basically a weeb
-This was not my choice to sign up
-Not really a scene kid, but Cherry likes to say that I have le hair
-Regurgitaded Phan trash right here! *points to self*
That's it! °˖✧\(⁰▿⁰)/✧˖°

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someone kik me? its c***nuggwt -cherry

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