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Hai, My name is Alexandra. But you can either call me Alex or Bubbles. (My nickname) I adore Bring Me The Horizon,Blood on The Dance Floor, Asking Alexandra, Plain white tees, Ghost Town, Suicide Silence, Emilie Autumn, and Bullet For My Valentine. I Hate the color pink. I love black blue and purple. Im nice, and have a very bubbly personality despite being classified ans "emo" or "scene" or "that crazy goth chick that cuts herself" I love everyone.I have a twin sister who has one of these. her name is Lexi.Oreo. Anyway. Message me, send me a friend request. i accept all and answer all messages. I don not have skype or instagram or twitter. So don't ask. If you do, i might go bats*** crazy. I ♥CreepyPastas,Jeff The killer, Anime, and Slendy. I Play acoustic guitar, I write poetry and short stories. One day i want too become a journalist. I kNow this seems crazy, But i am a HUGE Directioner. So don't diss one direction in front of me, or you will get a virtual beat down. xD. I am a happy person, so Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe. Want too know more? Message me .

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So. I love him. Alot. -Alexis

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lorythebookworm asked

Whats your favorite song of One Direction?
Over Again

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