19 / Female / Straight / Single
N.S.W. – AU
I'm Jazzy
I'm not good the whole 'about me' thing
um... i play guitar, key board, and i sing
i blow the candles out on the 1st of Nov
i like music like; BVB, AA, BOTDF, MCR, MIW, OM&M, PTV, Slipknot, etc etc.
My fave colour is Red, Black, Gray, White and neon's
I get bullied for my spelling, math skills, and anything else they can find to pick on me about.
I'm shy when you first meet me but as soon as you get to know me be ready for some crazy ass stuff
I don't care what people say about me
don't like me? basically i wont bother try and be your friend
i don't try to impress people, i just be who i am
... well as i said i'm not good at this stuff so ill just leave it there
byee =^-^=