20 / Female / Bisexual / In Like
Isanti, MN – US
Hey There. I'm Jasmine, But Please.. Call Me Jaz. ♥
...............Or Momo. c; ♥

Hipster Triangle. △ ;3

I take any proposals and I accept any requests. Answer any questions. Yeah. o.o Add me at your own risk.

My favorite bands are:
Falling In Reverse
Pierce The Veil
Bring Me The Horizon
Shine Down
Rise Against
Panic! At The Disco
The Lost Boy
Sleeping With Sirens...ect.

Errm if you're wondering what things I like, well.. Blue. Skateboarding. Drawing. Painting. Writing books. Texting. Being on SceneKids. Playing IMVU. And sleeping. (· w·)/ Rawr!

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So ow many people exactly want to date me? o.o

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thanks for accepting me