27 / Male / Straight / Single
Hell – US
I go by James. Have 10 piercings, Play guitar, bass, drums, synth, vocals, etc... Will fill in the rest later on, if you want to know me more just message me, I'll try to reply.
My Likes include:
Metal, Piercings, Tattoos, Body Modification, Horror Films, Gore, Concerts, Fire, Dead Stuff, Halloween, Adventure, Nightlife, etc...
My Dislikes include: Closed Minded Individuals, When Halloween Ends But Really Halloween Is Everyday, Speaking Without Thinking, Trends, People...
Favorite Music types are Metal, Goth, Punk, Horror Punk, Industrial, Alternative, etc..

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Everyone here is either under 14 or over 50.

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Flowermouth ☣  asked

Favourite bands?
Nine Inch Nails.