19 / Female / Bi-curious / In a Relationship
The Wardrobe , Narnia – UK
Haii, you havin fun stalking my profile? Good okay. So incase you want to know a little bit about me keep reading or message me …
-Taken by Paul Love Him Lots!
- 13 years old- birthdays in October >.<
- I'm bisexual
- I am a girl - duh
- mega independent
-im 5'3=D
- Mental - But always getting told im fun af
- live in England
- I really want to be a tattoo artist
- ADD & SAD...But who cares

-I am never really chatty and i only get close to a few people -
-I am best friends with my Ex
-I shall soon have blue hair /.\
- I love Coffee and waffles
- Popcorn is like my addiction XD

Never hurt my friends or family ! I will eat you nom nom nom ...

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So In love with any new Collar xD IT HAS A BELL AND I SOUND LIKE A CHILD SO ima sthap now....

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You're welcome but seriously... why have I made this hahaha XD