24 / Male / Straight
Pet pigeon Pigeon
room 819 – VA
because hello wasn't enough!

I consider every person annoying and stupid and see i want really meet up with people that understand me and my free spirit
like: 83 old farmer that start every of his stories using "when i was young....",
ex-US presidents daughters,old FBI agent who want talk about drug war under Nixon,an real Us Irish guy,GOP leader or every other real strange and simple but interesting people!

now seriously why i am here? I'm 24 Old guy and i'm here to talk, nothing of special just it,why? as I suppose you see English is Not my mother-tongue so, i really need to keep my self trained in the writing and talking!

why i written all the s*** above? well....just the time wasted wasn't mine XD

so that

i like:
cure (listening some times)
siouxsie and the banshees (same of above)
Bulgarian Mafia (no, not the band)
Air-soft (yep i like guns, yes i'm a gun-nut bang! bang! but whit girl i prefer gang! bang!)
anime (steampunk and goth or gore,bloody hell!!! XD)
and yes of course
manga (i prefer shojo manga,yup! i'm a bad Romance if you are thinking ThaT about me reread all the thing i like)
Austro-Hungarian Empire
German Empire
Russian Empire
Japanese Empire
Ottoman Empire
British Empire
Yourmother Empire

Sturmabteilung Rohr
Diensteinheit IX
Snob Rich GOP politician
and other stuff

I love <3
(use your imagination,OH! you don't know what is? mmmh bad news for you. )

i HAtE (yoU XD)

note: use my Skype contact a You own risk!
when you do this please tell me you are from here ok?

geeee! you have a lot of time to lose to go down here

I tell you a secret in fact I'm italian
And i'm not going to spend a single euro to travel to meet some one so calm down


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kroosexd allah is my guide, allah have my answers, the only and greatest, the mercyful, allah

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hello, my good friend tell cardboxxer what you think of my photo plz

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You're my love forever


lol you horny??? ;)


Thanks for accepting CX