19 / Male / Bisexual / Recently Single
Scariff – IE
17 and not the best.
State your opinion and be honest with me, dont hold back
Be yourself, i'm an easygoing guy (most of the time)
Talk about WHATEVER u wanna talk about, i'll do my best to keep track.
Be soft, I am sarcastic to hell, and i dont wanna hurt nobody by accident.
Bring guilt into any situation, it wont end well.
Bug me for info, no means no, end of.
Finally. Don't take offence to anything i say, I am dark humoured and as ive said sarcastic. If something offends u, tell me and i'll apologize (maybe.... ;))

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A heart turned black by hate, a true friend turned from us, a mind bursting with thoughts too late, a love forever gone without much fuss