20 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
me stalking u again. TeHe Jaybird
Vampireville – US
Ok no one honestly reads these things unless there are interesting things in them. Well nothing is interesting about me so you can stop reading now.

Im 17 turn 18 next April. I have the awesomest guy friend in the world and I like him as more than a friend also :) Im a very depressing person to be around some days cause I never share any of my thoughts/feelings/problems with anyone.

I love kitties so if you own cats I will love you for life XD

If you are not a bro you better subscribe right now. Go on subscribe to pewdiepie or you will die. Ok thanks for subscribing ^__^

I used to have a best friend but she doesn't talk to me anymore.

Yep life sucks. I love almost all kinds of music as long as i can understand the words that there saying.

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2 hour late start for our school but me not going to school yay!

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Hey, how are you? You should add me on Facebook and follow me on twitter if you have them, Always good too meet new people! www.facebook.com/im.jamie.jay www.twitter.com/jamiejaysheehan Xx




haha Xx


sweeeeet :P Xx


Supppp thanks for the friendship :) Xx


not saying xp


i can see u from the window :o