25 / Female / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
is miiiiiiine >:) unikornsbxtch
Las Angeles – US
•Motionless In White is my drug ♥
• kik: iwantyoursoulxx
• The names Sky
•Body mods
•Bands are life
•Motionless In White
•Bi polar
•P*** me off ill rip your tongue out
•Tattoo Artist <3
•Stretched lobs
hmm well I'm sweet until you p*** me off. If your gonna make prejudgements then deep throat a chainsaw.Don't ever talk to me about never shout never ill f***ing rip your skin off and keep your skull as my trophy ^-^ I love writing music. And enjoy long boarding i dislike those girls who say the skate and when it comes down to it they just lied. Liars annoy the s*** out of me if you lie then feel free to leave me the f*** alone c: I curse alot dont like it f*** off. Hm I want it dirty with the lights on filthy vile and obscene I wanna show you what bitch I can be c;

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chances are if you post something Motionless In White related Im gonna love you ♡

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hey dear


i'm stalking most gorgeous girl here ^.^


heyy there cx