15 / Female / Straight / In Like
Sister to SymphonyOfTheDamned
Not near you – UK
Status: Mentally Overloaded Koreaboo
-Kpop <3 (Jimin is my bias)
-Anime | Manga addict
-Low-Key a Fujoshi
-I love to write
-Love conspiracy theories
-Pokémon is life
Not to mention you should talk to me cause I'm really not that bad
But then again I'm a massive asshole. But we all start out as one so who ain't?
I can be shy tho
I can also be your therapist so talk to me for a while~

--I don't give out any social media--


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I feel heartbroken af

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Xxdaddyxx1994 asked

If you had one wish what will you wish for
Idk really, probably for people I care about to care about me as much as I do them