24 / Female / Pansexual / Single
Why You So Pretty"!?! XD Kittystabspeople
Minnesota – US
If you're going to add me, atleast message me at the process too. =.=
What's the point of adding if you're not going to message me? There isn't one.

Hi, I'm Yancy. I'm 23 years old.

I'm sweet to everyone, I can never be mean. But, if someone needs to slap you in the face and tell you " wake up bxtch " because of your REALLY stupid behavior, trust me i'll be the one to so. OTHERWISE i'm the sweetest person ever ;D.
I'm such a nerd for
Anime <3
Favorite genres of it are Isekai,
Josen Era, Sports, School, Adventure/Action , Supernatural/power/magic

I love, EDM (all sub genres), Pop punk, pop, Screamo, Asian Music,♥

I'm pretty strange.. I can make no sense at all sometimes haha, and random!

But i'm really fun to be with or talk to!
I can
write stories and poems !
read, I'm a big time reader
I dye my hair a lot
Play games, (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps4, 3ds, WiiU, ds, wii, ps2)

I'll admit, if your still reading this i'll be surprised!

I've been easily played, cheated on, and used.

I hate the fact that I can fall for someone easily, its one of the many qualities that I hate about myself.

I don't hate really, I just dislike. But if I do hate something, then I must REALLYYYY dislike it.
Anyways, want to know more about me?
message and ask away.~

P.S.S.;; I'm SO surprised you read all that haha..

This is one of my Favorite poems I have honestly ever read. Right now it's helping me think a lot about this cruel dark world.
Death by
Death is a sensation...It reaches temptation towards this entire nation.The feeling is greatest when wanted.Yet, it's been taunted.It's been warned.Once you mean death you have left.There's no going back.Everything just fades to black~

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Oh wow. How long it's been since I've logged on here.

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AnthonySkellingtonRivera asked

So you have time to get on here but cant message on fb? f***ing retarded.
You should really check my status on here. Ive been having trouble on messenger lately. I havent gone all day on this site, I was on this site last night at 12am

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: )


yancy!!!!!!!!! MISSYOU!<3 omgrrrrr! u have!! to cometo school on monday!:3 plssss! we need to.have our special convos ;) lol oh an that was me who called yoy pikachu ^·^ lol text me!!


Heyy, what's up?


your very welcome hunny bunny lol trying it out ha ^#^


Awhhh that sucks :,c well I hope u get better !!:3


Yancy!!!! Miss you!!!<3 come to school already!!!! ^~^


Thanks for the add!:)❤


Hey have an amazing Xmas!! Love u


Thânks :) !!


thanks for adding me xD