15 / Non-binary / Broken Hearted
lmao no bitch you thought – US
yo im isaac. demiboy. sagittarius
im a pansexual demiromantic and i s2g if you make a pan joke in my presence i will cut you
im single probably forever will be sob </3 :""""")
im gay for haru yoshida oops
i hate donald trump with a burning passion don't talk about him around me unless you are just making jokes
im native american ( i have an native american card m8 fite me ), thai, chinese, vietnamese and italian
im gay for adrien agreste
i spend most of my time on Quotev ( my url is @.smartxss )
im a tol angry gay meme lord fite me
if i ever call you love, hun, bby, bab, sweetheart, ect. im not flirting with you im just using names other than your actual name so just chill okay
im gay for levi ackerman
i love anime and manga
i have an untamable passion for drawing
if you ask me for my location or anything personal and you are not a friend i will block you