22 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Bella Vista, Arkansas – US
Hallo, I am Rayven 'Axel' Vladimir. I am from Gera, German, I can speak German so if you speak it then feel free to talk to me. I LOVE anime. I am an Otaku. My favorite anime being a standup between Deadmans Wonderland and Tokyo Ghoul. I LOVE birds and reptiles. I own four cockatiels, two adults and two babies, and one budgie. I also have two Iguanas, one juvenile named Demon and a baby one named Echo. I LOVE music. My favorite band being Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed/Device. I play guitar and sing as well. I am a nice person, but if made mad then please leave me be.

OH! I am an artist too!! My deviantart profiles( I have 4)

OH YEAH! A couple anime I love next to my two favorites is Pokemon and Naruto. Two of m deviantart profiles are based off it, but filled with OC stuff lol.