22 / Male / Bisexual / In Love
London – UK
My other account:
Hello M8s, my names Connor but since I'm very well know on Facebook people call m Kaycee Panda. I'm from London, United Kingdom, I'm 17 and I have a 3 year-old baby boy, Kurio. I'm currently in Moscow, Russia. I'm very nice and well mannered and is very patient. I have a real life boyfriend Shayne Clement <3 He's my world. I have a twin, Dylan and an older sister, Jenny.

I skateboard and find doing full splits everyday fun.
I love Skater boys & girls only.
I have an amazing british accent. People love when I talk. Lol
Adventure Time and Pokemon makes my day.
Cool friends are cool. Real friends are cooler.
Im in a band but it's a working process.
Add me on Facebook.
I'm serious mostly but also funny.
I Dislike Lesbians.

I have a eating Disorder. I weigh only 99 pounds and it's been a struggle for me to try to eat lately.I try still... I never give up.

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Stranger Danger.! (/.\)


hi, thnks for add :p


Your welcome:)


np. n.n Don't be a stranger, say hello from time to time. :)