19 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
Ma nigga Useless.tennager
Virginia, MN – US
Um. Hi. I'm 14 suffer from selfharm depression and anorexia.. I love music. I don't exactly talk much. If I talk to you you're lucky so don't ruin it. Honey.. If you're going to talk to me learn grammar and spelling first. That's pretty much it. So um if you have any questions or anything just ask..

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I wish that I could fly. Way up in the sky. Like a bird so high. Oh I might just try. Ohi might just try.

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Useless.tennager asked

Am i u nigga? ..
No your mah NIGGIE

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Shup ma niggie lolz


Lols i love him (dakotah) HES SO SEXY LOLS 😍😍