19 / Female / Pansexual / Broken Hearted
Is married to♡ Versace
I'm f***ing sad
Bring me alcohol and let me cry on you.

also Hawthorne Heights.

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4 year relationship over on v day. prolly gonna die

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Hawthorne heights is amazing.
Yuh, we hang out when they're in town.

This one time we were getting a picture and their drummers name is poppy and he doesn't usually do meet an greets but we've met a bunch so he came over for a picture and huge and when we all lined up poppy grabbed matts ass because he wasn't smiling, and matt like straightened up like "what the f*** dude" and poppy this towering man giant looks down at him at said "you liked it". I miss them dearly I hope they come back soon.

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idk u tho