17 / Female / Pansexual / Single and Looking
San Antonio Tx – US
*I DONT HAVE SKYPE!!!! I have facebook email and this if thats all your going to message me "Skype?" Then dont bother, carry on :3*

Warning i have a very submissive personality so sorry if i suck at asking questions or picking topics XD

Im a f***ing unicorn bitch XD :3
Haha kidding or am i???? hehe
Im pretty chill i love meeting new people im very sarcastic but all in good fun XD I love heavy metal and screamo some of my favorites are:
-Bring me the Horizon
-Asking Alexandria (Before Danny left)
-Bullet for my valentine
-Escape the fate
-Bless the fall
-Memphis may fire
-Famous last words
-Veil of Maya
ect....if you wanna know anything just ask i dont bite....hard :P
And i have fb if you wanna add me, im on there more than anything.

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So bored....

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facelessjimmy asked

Hi hun :3