19 / Male / Straight / Single and Looking
North carolina – US
I'm the champion of all the regions

I've caught all the pokemon

I'm the ultimate digimon tamer

I've killed angels and demons

I've slain the gods of Olympus

I've faught as ventus terra and aqua

I've defeated Aizen

I've learned to control the nine tailed fox

I've trained with Goku

I'm the captain of the marry go

I control Big O

I've flown with eureka

I will be the king of pirates one day I will become the strongest fighter and protect the earth

I've become a fullmetal alchemist

We are the ultimate being we have trained with the best and lived to tell the tale but I can't seem to find the one girl that won't lie to me and will love me will I find her Will one of you be her...your all very atractive and cute but I doubt any of you would want I black weirdo for a boyfriend

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someone please talk to me