15 / Female / Single and Not Looking
Wisconsin – US
I value velveeta shells and cheese a lot. I meme to forget but I always remember. I'm in dire need of some fancy entrées I can dip in butter. Not to be narcissistic but I'm pretty awesome and my sense of humor is great and it's a matter of opinion so you can't prove me wrong.
I only play the piano for the cat. I'm not obsessed with cats I just like the affection I get from her. I do a lot of sports and am good at them but I ironically hate them and exercise.
All I really want to do is sleep, eat, read, play video games, write, listen to music, dissect things, prove theories, and create chemical reactions.
I'm dropping a mixtape in 2018 beware it's going to be awful.


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Can't wait for school to start up so I don't have to exercise anymore