20 / Male / Pansexual / Single
Rainbow teddy bears c': Ryebunniearmy
Your Pants ;3 – US
Call me Hunter,
I like Bands & Anime/Manga & Gaming and also *Zombies*

I'm Pansexual as my best friend puts it we're the Colorful teddy bears of the sexuality uni.

(appearently I'm too scary. Too violent. k? so? XD your point bitch?)

I like Pizza/Skittles/Tacos
No I will not share. GO AWAY -o-
Let's netflix and chill. we can do more than just cuddle c;

I'm Pansexual. It means; "not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity." k? mk.

I have too many fave bands to list..

name an anime.
I've most likely watched most of them. ones you probably haven't even heard of.
because i ain't with the cool kids, i'm goin' down my own path.

Friend me if you wanna. if I sent a friend rq to you and you don't like me then just don't accept it, doesn't really matter to me.

I most likely will be pretty open so I hope your the same. but don't start flirting in the middle of f***in' nowhere because I will leave your thirsty ass there.

I'm 18- So don't confuse me for you're p.c (prob. child) that you can try to solve, i'm f***ing complicated and I like it that way.

Have a nice day, Hun :)

ps. If you're a ghost and friend me without talkin to me then don't bother.

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Me: "so many people hide their faces..." Rye: "SHY PEOPLE.. WHY YOU ALWAYS GOTTA BE SO SHY"

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littlebaby asked

will ou do me the honer and make me mac and cheese
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Denied. You can't even spell honor right. sad..sad..

Come back later when you've learned English.

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Amaryllis ✨ 

Your profile is wonderful 100/100💕


messgae meh <3


thank yew! you have amazin hair