21 / Male / Straight
Eye color:green (they change to my emotions)
Music: rock metal death metal alt rock etc
One secret: wouldn't be a secret if I told now would it
I love music. It's the only thing that has really been with me all my life. I sing (personally I think I'm horrible but my friends say otherwise) I play guitar and I'm saving up to get my dream guitar. A Draco ghost flame ($1040) it's a b.c rich guitar. I use to play drums but not anymore. I really want to learn piano and the violin. So if you know how to play one of those please help me >_<. I draw and write alot. (If you wanna see my sketches just ask. And if you wanna read some of what I've written just ask). I'm nice. I won't judge you if you don't judge me. I smoke. I use to drink. I'm basically a loner at my school. I wont lie..i do bite so be careful lol :p so umm yeah add me. Message me. Or whatever. I don't know what else to say...

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So umm yeah. Some one should text me. (209)756-1043