21 / Female / Bi-curious / In a Relationship
Nighlight Besties Understatement
Wrexham – UK
Who the f*** does these? Well anyway I'm Katherine but I prefer to be called Kate. I play games on my ps3 (DevilGirl16 or vampiregirl001 if you wanted to know) I love talking, doing random crap, meeting new friends, raising hell and breaking s*** and lastly I love music.
The music I listen to the most is:
Blood On The Dance Floor,
Three Days Grace,
Hollywood Undead,
Pan!k At The Disco,
Black Veil Brides,
You Me At Six,
30 Seconds To Mars,
Breaking Benjamin,
Escape The Fate,
Falling In Reverse,
Avril Lavigne :)
My Phobia's (Note: I have alot!):
Achluophobia: Darkness
Aichmophobia: Needles and/or Other Sharp Objects
Arachnophobia: Spiders
Athazagoraphobia: Being Forgotten or Ignored
Coulrophobia: Clowns
Dentophobia: Dentists
Dishabiliophobia: Undressing Infront Of Someone
Entomophobia: Insects
Erotophobia: Sexual Love
Glossophobia: Speaking In Public
Necrophobia: Death
Siderodromophobia: Trains
Tachophobia: Speed
Taphephobia: Being Buried Alive
Thanatophobia: Death or Dying
Trypanophobia: Injections
Vaccinophobia: Vaccinations
Message me if you want! I don't bite :) If you do message me and I don't reply for ages it's probably because my sister is on the laptop or the battery needs charging and I'm to lazy to get the charger, but I promise to answer...I reply to every one :)
Most importantly...I'm a f***ing huge maniac, who laughs all the time to make sure I see smiles on peoples have been warned X3

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Thank chu for the add ^_^