23 / Male / Straight / Single and Looking
looking for the Alice in a Wonderland – US
Well s*** im 22, been on and off of this site for years so just hit me up what ya wanna know but to just keep things simple and short; my hearts been f***ed with around and around so pls dont be fake. I kinda have a no filter sense of humor sometimes. Furthermore I recently quit smoking ciggys and trying to quit thee good old 420 days. Im into video games-music-art, But music to me is also life so is water and working out. also movie fanatic too!
I also have a day job so that keeps me pretty busy.
well that all i can think of for now if you want to know more or ask me stuff i have a snapchat hit me up here: Painkilla47

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f*** it im laying down for only a maximum of 15 to 30 minutes a quick power nap *wakes up 9 hrs later*

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hiya c:




thnks haha but i got it