23 / Female / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
Vandalia – US
Hey bitches, I'm eighteen, and pregnant. A little bit short of course! I have no life once again, and I'm kinda shy till you get to know me. I don't want anyone's dick or vagina. Sorry to say love! I might flirt, but that doesn't mean I have a thing for you! Trust me, I'll let you know if I do! If you're under 18 don't f***ing flirt with me. Not a pedophile sorry!
I have no religious views. I believe the earth just formed, but don't force your religion down my throat.
I believe that souls don't pass on when someone dies! Crazy s*** I know bro. I'm not going to judge you unless you're an ass to me. Then you will get told off ;) Just saying. I don't put up with belligerent behavior. I think it's f***ing retarded.
I'm getting my GED after I have my baby, and then I'm going to become a counselor, and work my way up to a psychiatrist. I've dealt with too many suicides in my life, and I think it's the worst possible thing. So I want to help kids :) I love kids....sometimes....
I'm not going to hold you against mistakes that you've made. Trust me, I've made a s*** ton! But if I didn't I wouldn't be having my kid! Don't regret the s*** you do. That's why you're in the place that you're in. Just saying!

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So tired of bitches trying to tell me how to raise my kid, and what to name it. Sorry, but if it's a girl, it's not going to be wearing only f***ing pink bitch! And if it's a boy, it will f***ing respect women. So shut the f*** up and stop running your f***ing mouth. Thanks!