22 / Female / Straight / In Love
Texas – US
Hey you :)

Music is my life!!!!
I'm straight yeah but i won't ignore you cuz you're gay/lesbian/straight etc, I'm a very open minded person :)

I love to get to know people :)
Don't be afraid to talk.... I am tho lol
I write songs :)

I'm super duper nice to everyone :)
Im crazy at home BUT shy at school idk why .-.
If I list bands I'm pretty sure we listen to the same thing! So why bother
I have anxiety,and well that s*** just gets in the way most of my time :(
(got send to behavioral center three times in the past 3 months)

Never had a bf
Never had taco bell or Wendy's

Favorite color: Black/Red

Color yellow
Oily foods
Country music
Fake people
Iron man(doesn't grab my attention)
Horny persistent guys
People asking for Nudes
Autocorrect :P
Reality shows (they're All basically the same!)

Anything else?? Please ask away :)

*hugs you unless you're a frog*
I hate frogs!

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I'm so confused. I don't know how I feel about you...

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