29 / Female
im Ellie and im scottish, irish, german and alil italian im 6'1 and Born with Kidney Disease and a learning disabilitie I love music all kinds I'm still like a kid and im a punk goth my favorite color is black and i love cartoons, I also go for hardcore dark but i also like a alot girly stuff but i also watch alot of anime s**t Im a big time gamer im only on ps4 so im hardly on here and im not to big on ppl i dont like stuck or rude ppl i do joke around a lot im a big sarcastic and smart as most of the time i spend my time in the hospital trying to recover or healthing i deal with alot of emotions and pain when being born with kidney disease most of my whole life is dealing with emotions and i just do better being alone alot i dont like dealing with pain or anger i am bipolar once my anger does hit i will take it out on someone and hit something or i will yell and tell u to go fk urself but when im doing good i will be random and silly and just wanna have fun most of my free time im prolly playing with my ps4 i do have a mic and i do party chats alot with my gamer friends the only games i have are ffxiv and destiny for now i need to get more if im not on my ps4 im playing hanging with friends or family if im not doing that i mit be one here i do have a vampirefreaks page my hair is side shaved and im 6'1 with blue eyes and blonde hair. and in the past i have wanted to end my life and i tryed to but i had a second though and said to myself this isnt the way to go so i puke up the pills i was ganna end my life with and i choose to live on. if u wanna get to know me give a msg and willing to answer

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