20 / Female / Straight / Single
Is sister to TragicMistake
none of your god damn business! – US
HIA! well....
My heart was broken by my best friend but I'm moving past it. A very close friend of mine killed herself from people bullying her. I tried my hardest to make her stop thinking about suicide and it worked for a while but I let her down. She was a sister to me who I loved and still do love very much. R.I.P. 4/24/00-2/4/15.
I LOVE music my favorite band to listen to are
- Tonight Alive
- Mayday Parade
- The Bunny The Bear
I like to watch Sword Art Online and Inuyasha
If you would like to know anything about me just message me and find out. Oh and since you are already on my profile you should click add and heart my profile!!! <3 but feel free to message me.

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One bad thing about proxy servers is they won't let you heart anything.

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Why are you still up?!
Because why not! Why are you???

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Thanks for accepting me :)