18 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
Linkin – US
Hi...... i'm Melliy............. i like bvb, ptv, a day to remember, panic! at the disco, i'm getting into a lot of stuff, so i'm not an expert on all the bands, i just love music... and band merch. i love band merch.... i think knives and weapons are cool..... anything else you wanna know send me a message or somethin..... ok den......
P.S. Love mosh pits, started them with a bunch of dudes at a love like tour, might go see asking alexandria to do it again

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who wants to talk about our lord and savior nicholas cage; is what i'm supposed to say for a week because i lost a bet

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
probably my friends

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