19 / Female / Pansexual / Single and Looking
Best Friend :D 2blu4u
Pennsylvania – US
Hey there:) My name is Harmony Rain. I'm an animal lover and a vegetarian. My music speaks for how I feel. I am kind of a hippie. American Horror Story + The Walking Dead + Music + Pizza = Life
My favorite bands-
Melanie Martinez
Nicole Dollanganger
The Flaming Lips
Passion Pit
The Ready Set
Bring Me The Horizon
Pierce The Veil
I Prevail
Asking Alexandria
Panic! At The Disco
Breathe Carolina
The Killers
and there's many more but that's good enough..
xxo :3

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Anonymous asked

If you were in a cage with a sword and shield, how big of a bear do you think you'd be able to kill with just that ?
hmm...I guess an average size black bear *flips hair* I have super agility

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8 and pass


Aww thank you my bestie!im so sorry i haven't been on her in awhile.but anyway i really appreciate it,it means so much to me! :,)