29 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Pflugerville – US
I am 29 years old and I am from Texas, I am currently single - but, really I am looking for my Mistah J, have you seen him? Yes, I'm another one of those girls … The dangerous kind that you should probably stay away from, unless, of course, you want to get hurt. Maybe I don't quite display Harley's image to say the least, however I am being completely serious - no pun intended - when I admit that I am looking for my one and only. That being said, I'm down with being friends, but I tend to keep myself very busy with my hobbies, self interests, and goals in life, so, don't really expect to much out of me if that's what you're looking for. Unless of course, you are indeed the Joker … Then of course, Puddin' I'll make time for you! But you better be MY Puddin'. I'm extremely picky when it comes down to which version of the Joker I believe is best displayed, so a full warning ahead of time so that you don't spin your wheels over it … I prefer the Joker …. from Suicide Squad. Because, he is … the man that Harley - according to the comics and all scripts of course - fell madly out of love with in the end. Sadly to say, that's a crying shame. Literally, she spent all those years crying about how much she loved him but then - again, maybe it was a necessary break up. Maybe that's just what he needs … is a new Harley Quinn … Yes, and by the way - Spoiler * I don't have Harley's mindset really. I can pull off her looks because I've been blonde before, and I can sound like her original comic self, but I do not ... have ... her mindset. Rather, I tend to lean more toward the Joker himself when it comes to the way that my mind works. And that - is why you should be careful if you are going to pursue any kind of personal interest in me. I am very ... unpredictable and unexplainable sometimes. But, perhaps that is why all of my past relationships have not worked out for me. Though, I still have hope, because I believe ... that, the reason my past relationships never worked is because - I always end up dating the wrong kind of guys. Why do I date the wrong kind of guys when I know exactly what kind of guy that I need in my life? Because the Joker is a rare breed ... You see, he's quite hard to find sometimes. So, I'm missin my Puddin', and, if you see him, or if you yourself are interested in living a very harlequin lifestyle through the ups and downs, the smiles and the frowns, we'll be two psychotic clowns in love. BUT - I'm warning you, there is one thing that I do agree with classic Harley about, and that is that I do not like batman. Though I am aware that she does kiss him and stuff * Eww ... And later admits that she likes him ... K, but I don't. So, I will go as far as to say that it would be the Joker's ultimate flaw - that he would be so in love with batsy that he tends to forget all about Harlsy. My point, if you want the only person who ever actually cared and would do anything for you to be your accomplice in chaos and crime ... Don't make the same mistake twice. And also don't mistake me for Harley. If you start mistreating me - well, Harley turned on the Joker and ultimately killed him - let's just say that I won't kill you ... I'll just hurt you really, really bad. Anyway, that's why I'm on chat rooms like this one a lot. To reach out there in the world in hopes of finding a long lost Mistah J and possibly spare him the misery of being alone and tormented by the fact that what's his is his, and rightfully so. After all, Quinzel would have never tasted so much life if Joker had never brought her so close to death. There's a little bit of a design behind the madness here that I think everybody tends to keep missing, kind of like how an idiot misses the point of a joke. And it upsets me that I haven't found him yet. Our love is running out of time ... so SERIOUS inquiries only!!! That's why I am a member of this chat room, I'm looking for the KING to my chessboard of life ... ~ Property of Mistah J.