21 / Female / Straight
Thinks this chick is amazing♥ Connor.Garland
Your Moms Bed, CT – US
Hey I'm Hannah
I'm taken o: xx 7.6.12 ♥ *_*
I'm a pretty chill person so don't scroll away, press the add button
I love ♥One Direction♥
and I also love Dream Theater ♥
These bands might as well marry me mmkay?
I'm very easy to talk to.
Be careful, I get attached easy.
I accept all my friend request so yeah♥
I enjoy food a lot. Like a lot.
Most of the time, I love people♥
& I'm a bit inappropriate. So don't be surprised when I bring in a really perverted topic♥
Facebook : www.facebook.com/Hannah.Horanx3
Tumblr : www.MeAndNiallHoranGetItOn.tumblr.com
Be proud, I haven't cut for 4 months and 6 days~

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It's too cold outside, for angels to fly.

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hey hey:P



Thank you for accepting me! if you want to add me on twitter, facebook c: