21 / Female / Straight / Engaged
Jonesville, MI – US
I'm Hannah! I'm on here just to make friends, nothing more than that. I am engaged to the greatest guy in the entire world. I also have a little girl, and she's pretty great, too!

I'm a pretty shy/quiet person. I tend to keep aside with my own bubble.

I attend The Art Institute of Michigan. Going for Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Management and Marketing. I'm really excited to see where my future will become!

If you'd like to get to know me better, please message me. I would love to make friends on here! :)

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Ok. So I'm in math class... the first day of it. The teachers has us take a pre-test to see where we are at. Before the pre-test, she goes over notes with us so we can use them on the test... so, I take about an hour and a half, slowing going over this test, and apparently, I get talked down too because "I was in such a hurry." Umm, excuse you. No time limit was said. And secondly, an hour and a half is PLENTY OF TIME THANK YOU!