19 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
is the daughter of DownWithTheSickness
Mountain Ranch – US
Hi I'm Hannah!!! I love music and animals. :D and for some random reason i like the word Rawr... lol Add me and message me anytime I love to chat! 😄 But if you touch my BFF BrianaLovesHim I will bite your hand off! ^-^ I love One Direction! They are beautiful and amazing! Love me or hate me. That's your choice but I love you ;) I'm not scene but I just decided to make this so whatever...
Fav Quote: You can only see the stars when it's dark! ^-^
And no people I do not have Skype i wish i did but i dont :( though I just got a twitter HannahMazie1 ya nothin special so ya
Well well well congrats you have read my whole bio and you have officially become my stalker so just friend me already I will accept anyone! Oh and snapchat me... Iamthehannah sorry it's stupid but everything else was f***ing taken 😫

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omg my whole frikin body hurts and i barely remember anything alll i can get outta courtney is bits and pieces like the french fry insedent o.o

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Mr.Nobody asked

Bags are packed, you're ready to go. Where are you going if you could be anywhere at an instant and what would you do there?
I would go to Italy and I would go so I could just sit on a bridge an look out at the gorgeous water with all the people paddling by in there little boats falling in love I would just love it hehe sorry I love love ;)

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Hey everyone on this page I'm Hannah just on my friends account im not allowed on here anymore and if my mom sees this she'll flip but i kinda had to like say bye :P


Have a great new year! ♥


So Is mine, I just got done working out


~ How are you love?


~ Hey doll


I'm pretty good n.n


Hey n.n How are you?






Heyy, how are you? [: