22 / Female / Straight / In Love
Edmonton – CA
Well... Hi. I'm really terrible at these things so I guess I'll just ramble.
I'm a libra, love writing fiction, I'm terrified of fish, vegetarian, worked the same job for two years and I have loved and will love my boyfriend until the day I die.
I believe in spirit animals, chakras, auras, reincarnation and many other spiritual things.
I also believe in God. But I won't go shoving my religion down your throat, don't worry.
Bad grammar makes me cringe.
I really want to own a fennec fox as a pet and I'm currently saving up to buy my own Xbox.
That's about all the little bits and pieces about me, I may add more and change some in the future.

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Smart ass little s***s. I swear to God sometimes you make me want to bang my head against a wall.