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is digging graves for homeless eskimos with hailsatankids
Torrance - CA – US
I'm an Artist/Photographer (Currently a future professional at Paul Mitchell) and I love creativity. Every day is a chance to see the beauty in the world that most would overlook. Artists, Musicians, Poets and writers are my favorite brand of human, they seem to have the most interesting things to say. I'm a big gamer and an anime nerd as well, I play on PC, Xbox360, PS3 and Wii. I hate stuck up/ conceited people so please keep that ego in check and we'll get along. Don't assume you know me by first impressions, I can come across as closed off but I'm actually a total softy. When I care about someone I always do my best to make them smile. If you want to know anything just ask me.

KiK: Haileybunni

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NoHospitality asked

How about them noodles?;3
Slurpin' dem noodles ;)

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-pokes your nose- Hey there. c:


Oh god no.. :DDDD Btw you are cute~