19 / Female / Potsexual / Single
with D.A.D.D.Y – US
bitch, my wrist iced out like frozone, uh
my flow cold like a snow cone, uh
put racks on your head like a gopro
til a motherf***er disapper like the ozone, uh

Karma' where you at, you better have my back
Cause you know d*** well i didn’t deserve that
Oh i finna lose it, got me lookin’ stupid
From now on ima be RUTHLESS

All I do is talk s*** I'm an asshole
If I give her good dick she a bad hoe
Me and yo bitch got history I've been had those
First I put them to the test than I pass hoes
Small circle but I keep a big bankroll
We da ones giving L's we don't take those
I be running up a check ion chase hoes
Handy man with them strips bitch I make those
500 on a belt ion even wear
Let her f*** the whole team ion even care
I ain't stingy with the bitch nigga imma share
Wifing s*** that we hit nigga you a square
Lil bitch on my dick imma hit the hoe
If my bro hit ion even wanna hit no moe
Dope dick to yo bitch might give her a dose
When she be phenin for the dick she be doing the most
I ain't even worried bout that chain get yo bitch tucked
All that speaking on my name get yo bitch f***ed
You can't say you f***ed my bitch nigga which one
Dumb nigga I can't even pick one
I'm married to the money I don't love bitches
I do it for the birds 'cause I love chicken
I only give her dick we ain't tongue kissing
I be smoking so much dope think my lungs missing
Rest in peace Mac Dre f*** the radio
I need 15 hunnid for a cameo
Bitch I do it for my bills like buffalo
If my bitch go broke imma let her go

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AlmightyKroose asked

I have very firm and round tits, maybe you would like to suck on them?
wtf kroose ! im dead laughing right now

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